About TAMVINCI Additive Manufacturing

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to change the home building industry for the better. We work with great companies from all over the world to bring your project the most advanced products and building techniques.

We help you develop, design, integrate and project manage the 3D-printing of homes and other architectural feats.

Our Mission

TAMVINCI aims to be the world’s premier developer of advanced 3D construction implementation through automation integration and modern materials research. We hope we can create sustainable and long-term building solutions for a better future.

  • RDrone House – DEWA, Dubai

    Using CyBe technology, this structure was assembled in minimum days becoming the first in-situ printed project in the UAA. This 3D printed building is used as a drone research and development (R&D) laboratory for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

  • Arabian Ranches - Dubai

    The first livable and permitted home in the UAE was built using Cobod technology and was completed in record time and under budget for the printing portion of the assembly. Members of the Tamvinci team Oversaw all aspects of the 3D printing process including the engineering service of the wall design.


  • Fibonacci House – Nelson, Canada

    Using TAM technology this home was printed offsite and transported to the final rest place where the printed elements were placed in under 4 days. Members of the Tamvinci team oversaw the entire project from design to completion.


  • Rapidly Deployed Building – Nelson, Canada

    Originally designed as a demonstration project for an Emirate Utility corp., members of the Tamvinci team conceptualized an entirely new building concept for low cost deployment of electrical transformer stations, guard houses, pumping stations etc.